Course Description

Assessing a fibromyalgia flare and responding to it. When Nicola came in for filming we assumed we were going to film advanced workout design, however this was not possible as she was in pain. So we responded in the moment, to what was presented to us - a body that was suffering. This course will give you insight into how Risa manages such cases in the moment, with assessment, Boditree Release Work, and experiencing the dance between assessment and response. You will see how the body becomes prepared for Pilates, with measurable results from before to after the session.

*Boditree Release Work 

*assessing and releasing the pelvis

*assessing and releasing the neck and collarbone

*assessing and releasing psoas, rebalancing breath with the ribs, and integrating hemispheres

On successful completion of the course and associated quiz Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) members will receive 3 CEC points (continuing education credits).

Owner and Founder

Risa Mathews

Risa Mathews has owned and operated Boditree Pilates & Healing in Vancouver since 1999. Prior to this time Risa was residing in Sydney, Australia, where she was attending grad school, and also operating her first Boditree Pilates studio, in Sydney’s Eastern suburbs. Risa sold her Sydney studio in late 1999, and opened Boditree in Vancouver soon after returning home. Risa has successfully integrated a number of healing modalities into the Pilates environment, which has shown to assist participants in managing pain and better prepare them for physical exercise. Risa has created, published, and trademarked a number of protocols that will now be shared via online course offerings. Risa has researched and created these protocols to help manage the following, but not limited to : chronic pain, injury, rehabilitation from surgery, plus a multitude of conditions such scoliosis, Parkinsons, MS, learning disabilities, joint replacement, emotional trauma, post-surgical rehabilitation, and pre and post-natal conditioning. These online courses are meant to give fellow instructors and movement therapists an opportunity to study with Risa, without having to travel to Vancouver. Risa holds a BA from Simon Fraser University (1990) and an MA from Macquarie University (1995), and has a background in dance, aquatics, teaching, publishing, and public speaking.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Chapter 1: Welcome to Advanced Release Work: Assessing and Responding to Chronic Pain within the Pilates Method

    • Advanced Boditree Release Work

  • 2

    Chapter 2: Advanced Release Work Video Module

    • Advanced Boditree Release Work

  • 3

    Final Quiz: Boditree Advanced Releasework

    • Final Quiz: Boditree Advanced Releasework

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